SUSHI EXPRESS™ is a unique and innovative product that enables you to make sushi quickly and easily at home. In just 6 simple steps Sushi Express produces consistent results regardless of whether you are a cooking novice or a gourmet chef.

It’s the easy alternative to the traditional method of making sushi rolls, the Japanese bamboo mat. Making sushi rolls with the bamboo mat is difficult and frustrating, usually resulting in inconsistent results, wastage of ingredients and one’s time.

With Sushi Express:

  • There are no more clumsy mats and rolling involved
  • There is no waste of rice or other ingredients
  • Sushi rolls turn out perfectly no matter how much filling is used
  • 8 perfect pieces of sushi are produced with each roll whereas end pieces of bamboo mat-rolled sushi are loose with ingredients falling out
  • The seaweed wraps completely around the rice every time and each roll is uniform.
  • When using the bamboo mat, the seaweed meets at inconsistent points (resulting in rolls of different sizes) and sometimes not at all
  • Instructions and recipes are included

Sushi Express:

  • It takes only a few minutes to make a perfect sushi roll with 8 pieces of sushi (1 roll) costing on average less than a $1.00
  • Requires no training and is so easy to use such that all ages, young and old, are able to make their own sushi with pride
  • Will last you a lifetime, paying for itself in only 3 uses.
  • Is dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • Is easy to shop for, with all ingredients being available at supermarkets
  • Makes a fantastic, fun gift idea, especially with our Non-Stick Rice Paddle. Also check out our Sushi Express Starter Kit and Gift Set.

People who use Sushi Express state that they cannot believe how simple it is:

“Sushi Express has saved me a fortune! I used to buy sushi at least twice a week, but now I’m able to make my own.”

"I certainly impressed my dinner party guests when I passed around platters of sushi made with Sushi Express"

“Sushi Express is a winner of a product. Not only is it simple and fun to use, but I can now enjoy fresh sushi all the time…no more buying sushi which may have been sitting on display for who knows how long.”

“With Sushi Express I can now make sushi for my children’s school lunch as a healthy alternative.”

“We make sushi every Monday night using Sushi Express. It’s so easy to use, even my kids join in on the fun.”

“Thank you Sushi Express! I’ve tried rolling with the bamboo mat several times and always made a mess. Your product was just so simple and quick to use and my sushi turned out perfectly.”

Sushi Express was introduced by Australia’s Kahala Homewares (“Kahala”) in 2004. It captured instant national prime time attention when Australian celebrity chef Geoff Jansz demonstrated Sushi Express on Australia’s Channel 9 “Burke’s Backyard” and “Fresh”. Since its debut over 30,000 units have been sold, with sales increasing every year.