Helpful Sushi Making Hints

  • Prepare your fillings before making your sushi rolls eg, cut fillings into 20 cm strips approximately 1 cm wide. This will allow you to make your sushi rolls quickly.
  • Always remove seeds from cucumber and capsicum.
  • Sesame dressing or sweet chilli sauce is a delicious alternative to using mayonnaise in your sushi rolls.
  • Blanch asparagus, string/round beans and spinach. Do not overcook.
  • Buying marinated chicken from your local butcher is always an easy alternative to preparing your own chicken at home, especially when you need only a small quantity of chicken.
  • Using Japanese or whole egg mayonnaise in your sushi rolls enhances the other fillings of your sushi. It can be found in most asian supermarkets.
  • Vary your sushi rolls by using different types of dipping sauces, eg chilli soy sauce or miso sesame sauce.
  • Short grain brown rice can also be used to make sushi.
  • Keep a bowl of warm water on the side. Water prevents rice from sticking to your fingers and lid of the Sushi Express.