How to make Sushi


Watch the video to learn the six easy steps to perfect sushi every time.


Place a Nori sheet in front of you with the longest edge closest to you and the glossy side facing down. Place Sushi Express frame in centre of Nori sheet, and fill the frame half full with sushi rice.


Make a channel lengthways along the centre of the rice with your rice paddle approximately 1 cm deep, ensuring rice still covers the bottom and sides. Fill the channel with your choice of filling strips. Note that you can vary the size of the channel to suit the amount of filling you desire.


Cover filling with more sushi rice to the top of the frame forming a slight mound. It is important that the sushi fillings are completely encased in rice, except for the ends of the roll.


Moisten the flat side of the Sushi Express lid with water so the rice does not stick. Place flat side down in frame. With fingers held in place inside grooves at each end of the frame, gently press the lid down with thumbs while pulling up on the frame, pushing the sushi rice “cake” out of the frame. Remove lid.


Lightly moisten top edge of Nori sheet with water. Fold bottom edge over the sushi rice cake, followed by the top edge so that the Nori wraps around it. Roll sushi rice cake over with the flap side down and gently press Nori to rice so it adheres to the rice and softens.


Place finished sushi roll aside for approximatley 10 minutes before slicing. This allows the moisture from the rice to soften the Nori, making it easier to cut. Cut sushi roll in half, then cut each half into half. Then cut each quarter into half, resulting in 8 equal pieces. Moisten the blade with water after each cut to avoid rice from sticking.

If sushi is not eaten immediately, the sushi rolls should be tightly wrapped in cling wrap, and refrigerated. Sushi will keep at room temperature for up to 3 hours, unless using seafood and mayonnaise, in which case it should be refrigerated if not eaten immediately. You can also control the size of the roll by using less rice when placing your initial layer of rice in the frame.

Sushi Express is dishwasher safe on the top rack of your dishwasher. Avoid using abrasives to clean.